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List of irregularly stressed Russian nouns

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Word Schema Definition Ranking Gender Number Notes
ум' b intelligence 604 - any (Npl умы')
у'с c moustache 1712 - any (Npl усы')
More info: The Npl is used more frequently. The singular refers to one side of the moustache.
утюг' b (flat) iron, smoothing-iron 6641 - any (Npl утюги')
у'хо e ear 387 - any (Gpl уше'й)(Npl у'ши)
ученик' b pupil 1523 - any (Npl ученики')
учи'тель c teacher 914 - any (Npl учителя')
More info: See учи'тель (type a)(Npl учи'тели) master (of a doctrine).
февраль' b February 3587 m any (Npl феврали')
фонарь' b lantern, lamp 1781 m any (Npl фонари')
фро'нт c front 968 - any (Npl фронты')
More info: According to Словарь трудностей, фро'нты is obsolete
фураж' b forage, fodder -1 - any More info: no plural or (Npl фуражи').
халва' b halva (paste of nuts, sugar and oil) 28817 - no-plural
хвост' b tail 1083 - any (Npl хвосты')
хле'в c cattle-shed, cow-house 18878 - any (Npl хлева')(Psg2 хлеву')
хлыст' b whip 18944 - any (Npl хлысты')
ход' special 1. motion, run; 2. course; 3. move, turn; 4. entrance, passage 517 - any
ходьба' b walking, pacing 9085 - no-plural
хозя'ин a master; owner; host 358 - any (Gpl хозя'ев)(Npl хозя'ева)
холм' b hill, hillock 2055 - any (Npl холмы')
хо'лод c cold, coldness 1623 - any (Npl холода')(Gsg2 хо'лоду)
холостяк' b bachelor 11344 - any (Npl холостяки')
хо'р c choir 3496 - any (Npl хоры')
More info: There is a type a variant, (Npl хо'ры).
хребет' b 1. backbone; 2. summit; 3. mountain range 4539 - any (Npl хребты')
христос' b Christ -1 - any (Isg христо'м)(Dsg христу')(Asg христа')(Psg христе')(Gsg христа')
хрусталь' b crystal; cut-glass ware 12880 m any More info: no plural or (Npl хрустали').
царь' b czar; king 1263 - any (Npl цари')
цве'т c color; flower 833 m any (Npl цвета')
цветок' b flower 793 - any (Gpl цвето'в)(Npl цветы')
More info: It seems (Npl цветки') corresponds to a different sense of the word. (Npl цветы') is widely accepted.
целина' b virgin lands 10827 - no-plural
цена' d' price 874 - any (Npl це'ны)(Asg це'ну)
це'пь e chain 2102 f any (Npl це'пи)(Psg2 цепи')
це'рковь e church 1471 f any (Npl це'ркви)(Dpl церква'м//це'рквя'м)(Ipl церква'ми//церквя'ми)(Ppl церква'х//це'рквя'х)
це'х a 1. workshop; 2. guild, corporation 3035 - any (Npl це'хи)
More info: In the first sence, there is a type c variant (Npl цеха'). According to Nogueira and Turover, it is familiar. According to Словарь трудностей, it is допустимо.
ча'й c tea 721 - any (Gpl чаёв)(Npl чаи')(Psg2 чаю')(Gsg2 ча'ю)
ча'с c hour 147 - any (Npl часы')(Psg2 часу')(Gsg2 ча'су)
More info: 2,3,4 часа'
ча'сть e part 221 f any (Npl ча'сти)
челове'к special man, person 33 - any (Gpl люде'й)(Npl лю'ди)(Ipl людьми')(Ppl лю'дях)(Apl люде'й)(Dpl лю'дям)
More info: In the singular, stress follows scheme a.
чепуха' b 1. nonsense; 2. trifle 4154 - no-plural
червь f worm 6765 m any (Npl че'рви)(Isg черве\"м)
More info: червь is also an old designation for the letter ч, so it can decline both as an animate or an inanimate noun
червяк' b 1. worm; 2.screw 10106 - any (Npl червяки')
чердак' b garret 5938 - any (Npl чердаки')
че'реп c skull 3141 - any (Npl черепа')
черновик' b rough copy 14528 - any (Npl черновики')
черта' b 1. line, stroke; 2. limit, frontier; 3. trait 523 - any (Gpl че'рт)(Npl черты')
чертёж' b draft; sketch 7734 - any (Npl чертежи')
чеснок' b garlic 10268 - any (Gsg2 чесноку')
More info: no plural or (Npl чесноки'). Paperno y Leed: The singular forms of this word are used as a collective noun to refer to garlic as a crop, a food, or a number of individual bulbs. The phrase голо'вка чеснока' is used to refer to one bulb of garlic. The phrase до'лька чеснока' is used to refer to one clove. Plural forms are not used.
четверг' b Thursday 7372 - any (Npl четверги')
че'тверть e one quarter 3054 f any (Npl че'тверти)
чехол' b (soft) cover, case 8636 - any (Npl чехлы')
чешуя' b scales 13156 - any More info: no plural or (Npl чешуи')(Gpl чешу'й).
чёрт e devil 1100 - any (Gpl черте'й)(Npl че'рти)(Dpl чертя'м)
More info: The т softens in the plural. In nominative plural, ё unexpectedly becomes е'.