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List of irregularly stressed Russian nouns

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Word Schema Definition Ranking Gender Number Notes
сукно' d cloth 7837 - any (Gpl су'кон)(Npl су'кна)
сундук' b trunk, box, chest 5591 - any (Npl сундуки')
су'п c soup 2633 - any (Npl супы')(Psg2 супу')(Gsg2 су'пу)
сургуч' b sealing-wax 21496 - any (Npl сургучи')
сухарь' b dried crust 7208 - any (Npl сухари')
существо' b 1. (no plural)(inanimated) essence 2. (Npl существа')(Gpl суще'ств)(animated) being, creature BUT according to Starostin (Asg существо)??? 1200 - any
счёт c bill (in a restaurant), result (of a match); account, calculation, computation 672 - any (Npl счета')
More info: Doesn't admit a plural in some of its meanings.
сы'н c son 272 - any (Gpl сынове'й)(Npl сыновья')
More info: In certain contexts it is declined regularly following the type c schema (Npl сыны').
сы'р c cheese 4825 - any (Npl сыры')(Gsg2 сы'ру)
сырьё' b raw materials 7630 - no-plural
табак' b tobacco 3403 - any (Gsg2 табаку')
More info: no plural or (Npl табаки').
та'з c 1. basin; 2. pelvis 6208 - any (Npl тазы')(Psg2 тазу')
тайга' b taiga 1923 - no-plural
те'ло c body 287 - any (Npl тела')
темнота' b darkness 950 - no-plural
те'нор c tenor 18065 - any (Npl тенора')
More info: There is a fixed stress variant, (Npl те'норы). According to Словарь трудностей, such variant is obsolete. The word may refer to the voice (inanimated) or to the singer (animated).
те'нь e shadow 844 f any (Npl те'ни)(Psg2 тени')
More info: Has variants with specific meanings.
теплота' b 1. warmth; 2. cordiality 10423 - no-plural
тираж' b 1. drawing; 2. circulation, edition 7636 - any (Npl тиражи')
тишина' b quiet, silence, calm 966 - no-plural
ткач' b weaver 19973 - any (Npl ткачи')
то'карь a turner, lathe operator 15499 - any (Npl то'кари)
More info: There is a type c variant (Npl токаря') which Словарь трудностей considers \"допустимо\" (permisible).
толпа' d crowd 767 - any (Gpl то'лп)(Npl то'лпы)
толстяк' b stout / fat / corpulent man 6524 - any (Npl толстяки')
толчок' b push, shove 4205 - any (Npl толчки')
толщина' d thickness 6380 - any More info: no plural or (Npl толщины).
то'м c volume 3845 - any (Npl тома')
то'н special (type c)(Npl тона') color tone. (type e)(Npl то'ны) or (type a)(Npl то'ны) sound tone. 1433 - any
то'поль c poplar 5461 - any (Npl тополя')
топор' b axe 1948 - any (Npl топоры')
торжество' b 1. festival; 2. solemnity; 3. triumph 4612 - any (Gpl торже'ств)(Npl торжества')
то'рмоз a obstacle, hindrance 6371 - any (Npl то'рмозы)
More info: See то'рмоз (type c)(Npl тормоза') (car) brake
то'рмоз c (car) brake 6371 - any (Npl тормоза')
More info: See то'рмоз (tipo a)(Npl то'рмозы) obstacle, hindrance.
тоска' b melancholy, depression; weariness, boredom; yearning, longing 1736 - no-plural
трава' d herb 715 - any (Npl тра'вы)
тра'ктор special tractor 3754 - any (Npl трактора'//тра'кторы)
More info: (type c)(Npl трактора') or (type a)(Npl тра'кторы). There seems to be no preferred form.
треска' b cod 23260 - no-plural
тре'ть e one third 5178 f any (Npl тре'ти)
тростник' b reed; rush 13233 - any (Npl тростники')
труба' d 1. pipe; 2. trumpet, horn; 3. tube; duct 1118 - any (Npl тру'бы)
труд' b 1. labour, work; 2. trouble, difficulty 416 - any (Npl труды')
трусы' b shorts, pants -1 - only-plural (Gpl трусо'в)
More info: See тру'с (type a)(Npl тру'сы) coward.
тупик' b blind alley 4938 - any (Npl тупики')
More info: See ту'пик (tipo a)(Npl ту'пики) puffin (bird).
ты'л c 1. back, rear; 2. rearguard 3040 - any (Npl тылы')(Psg2 тылу')
тюк' b package; bale 10023 - any (Npl тюки')
тюрьма' d prison 1302 - any (Gpl тю'рем)(Npl тю'рьмы)
у'гол b corner, angle 452 - any (Npl углы')(Psg2 углу')
More info: The stress on the nominative (and accusative) y special, in all other forms the stress is at the end.
у'голь special coal 3114 - any
уж' b snake 23967 - any (Npl ужи')
у'зел b 1. knot; 2. package 2775 - any (Npl узлы')
More info: Despite the nominative singular declension, this word can be considered of type b.