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List of irregularly stressed Russian nouns

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Word Schema Definition Ranking Gender Number Notes
во'рох c heap, pile 8644 - any (Npl вороха')
More info: There is a type a variant, (Npl во'рохи).
горб' b hump 8718 - any (Npl горбы')
свинец' b lead 8774 - any More info: no plural or (Npl свинцы').
щелчок' b flick, fillip 8889 - any (Npl щелчки')
меньшинство' d minority 8974 - any (Gpl меньши'нств)(Npl меньши'нства)
шалаш' b shelter of branches 8991 - any (Npl шалаши')
стих' b verse 9000 - any (Npl стихи')
More info: See сти'х (type a) mood; на него стих нашёл he is, he was in a queer mood.
шест' b pole 9053 - any (Npl шесты')
ходьба' b walking, pacing 9085 - no-plural
шнурок' b lace 9195 - any (Npl шнурки')
грабёж' b plundering 9213 - any (Npl грабежи')
камыш' b cane, rush, reed 9226 - any (Npl камыши')
бич' b whip, lash 9286 - any (Npl бичи')
герб' b arms, coat of arms 9289 - any (Npl гербы')
дро'бь e (math.) fraction 9378 f any (Npl дро'би)
я'корь c anchor 9538 - any (Npl якоря')
зола' b ashes 9592 - no-plural More info: Doesn't appear on Starostin!
ве'домость e list, register 9641 f any (Npl ве'домости)
More info: There is a type a variant.
крупа' d cereals (semolina, pearl-barley, buckwheat, fine-ground barley, oatmeal) 9677 - any (Npl кру'пы)
сло'г e 1. syllable; 2. style 9716 - any (Npl сло'ги)
сквозняк' b draught 9765 - any (Npl сквозняки')
каток' b 1. skating-rink; 2. mangle, rolling press 9776 - any (Npl катки')
соловей' b nightingale 9785 - any (Gpl соловьёв)(Npl соловьи')
широта' d 1. width; breadth 3. (geog.) latitude 9797 - any (Npl широ'ты)
ломоть' b hunk, chunk, round (of bread) 9946 m any (Npl ломти')
тюк' b package; bale 10023 - any (Npl тюки')
червяк' b 1. worm; 2.screw 10106 - any (Npl червяки')
парик' b wig 10147 - any (Npl парики')
самец' b male 10189 - any (Npl самцы')
чеснок' b garlic 10268 - any (Gsg2 чесноку')
More info: no plural or (Npl чесноки'). Paperno y Leed: The singular forms of this word are used as a collective noun to refer to garlic as a crop, a food, or a number of individual bulbs. The phrase голо'вка чеснока' is used to refer to one bulb of garlic. The phrase до'лька чеснока' is used to refer to one clove. Plural forms are not used.
бедняк' b poor man 10363 - any (Npl бедняки')
серп' b sickle, reaping-hook 10370 - any (Npl серпы')
теплота' b 1. warmth; 2. cordiality 10423 - no-plural
руда' d ore 10489 - any (Npl ру'ды)
сова' d owl 10534 - any (Npl со'вы)
рудник' b mine 10605 - any (Npl рудники')
кисель' b kissel (kind of starchy jelly) 10701 m any (Npl кисели')(Gsg2 киселю')
целина' b virgin lands 10827 - no-plural
кру'жево c lace; point-lace 10856 - any (Gpl кру'жев)(Npl кружева')
же'мчуг c perls 10891 - any (Npl жемчуга')(Gsg же'мчугу)
скачок' b jump, bound, leap 10995 - any (Npl скачки')
овёс' b oats 11073 - any (Npl овсы')
духота' b stuffiness, oppressive heat 11210 - no-plural
го'л c goal 11324 - any (Npl голы')
More info: There is a type b variant. Sometimes (Gsg гола') after numbers 2, 3, 4.
паёк' b ration 11341 - any (Npl пайки')
холостяк' b bachelor 11344 - any (Npl холостяки')
оса' d wasp 11507 - any (Npl о'сы)
ветчина' d ham 11560 - any (Npl ветчи'ны)
ро'й c swarm 11580 - any (Gpl роёв)(Npl рои')(Psg2 рою')
блоха' d flea 11594 - any (Npl бло'хи)
More info: Can be type f too.