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List of irregularly stressed Russian nouns

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Word Schema Definition Ranking Gender Number Notes
ча'с c hour 147 - any (Npl часы')(Psg2 часу')(Gsg2 ча'су)
More info: 2,3,4 часа'
ша'г c step 380 - any (Npl шаги')
More info: 2,3,4 шага'
ша'р c ball; sphere 2031 - any (Npl шары')
More info: 2,3,4 ша'ра'
борозда' f' furrow, fissure 11626 - any (Npl бо'розды)(Asg бо'розду)
More info: According to Словарь трудностей, борозду' is only \"aceptable\" (допустимо).
кре'пость e 1. stronghold; 2. fortness 3696 f any (Npl кре'пости)
More info: According to Словарь трудностей, кре'постей is obsolete.
полоса' f' 1. stripe; 2. strip (of paper), bar (of metal); 3. zone 1783 - any (Npl по'лосы)(Asg по'лосу)
More info: According to Словарь трудностей, полосу' is only \"acceptable\" (допустимо).
фро'нт c front 968 - any (Npl фронты')
More info: According to Словарь трудностей, фро'нты is obsolete
о'сь e axis 6939 f any (Npl о'си)(Psg2 оси')
More info: A complicated variant exists.
коса' d' plait, braid 5265 - any (Npl ко'сы)(Asg ко'су)
More info: (Asg косу') is acceptable. See коса' (type d)(Asg косу', rarer ко'су) scythe.
коса' d scythe 5265 - any (Npl ко'сы)(Asg косу')
More info: (Asg косу', rarer ко'су). See коса' (type d')(Asg ко'су, acceptable косу') plait, braid
блоха' d flea 11594 - any (Npl бло'хи)
More info: Can be type f too.
семья' d'' family 408 - any (Gpl семе'й)(Npl се'мьи)
More info: Considered of type f too.
овца' d'' sheep 5107 - any (Gpl ове'ц)(Npl о'вцы)
More info: Considered type f and f' too.
ба'с c bass, bass singer 4880 - any (Npl басы')
More info: Declined differently when it refers to a singer (animated) and to the voice (inanimated).
у'зел b 1. knot; 2. package 2775 - any (Npl узлы')
More info: Despite the nominative singular declension, this word can be considered of type b.
счёт c bill (in a restaurant), result (of a match); account, calculation, computation 672 - any (Npl счета')
More info: Doesn't admit a plural in some of its meanings.
зола' b ashes 9592 - no-plural More info: Doesn't appear on Starostin!
господи'н special sir, gentleman 579 - any (Gpl госпо'д)(Npl господа')
More info: Fixed stress in the singular, final stress in the plural.
река' d' river 501 - any (Npl ре'ки)(Asg ре'ку)
More info: Has antiquate variants of type d and f'.
среда' f' Wednesday 1547 - any (Npl сре'ды)(Asg сре'ду)
More info: Has d and d' variants. See среда' (type d)(Asg среду') environment.
су'дно c ship, vessel 2703 - any (Gpl судо'в)(Npl суда')
More info: Has different roots in the singular and the plural. See су'дно (type a)(Npl су'дна)(Gpl су'ден) bed-pan.
чу'до c 1. miracle; 2. monster 1020 - any (Gpl чуде'с)(Npl чудеса')
More info: Has type a variant (Npl чу'да) used in poetry.
по'рт e port 2644 - any (Npl по'рты)(Psg2 порту')
More info: Has type c variant (Npl порты').
щека' f' cheek 969 - any (Npl щёки)(Asg щёку)
More info: Has type f variant (Asg щеку').
те'нь e shadow 844 f any (Npl те'ни)(Psg2 тени')
More info: Has variants with specific meanings.
сы'н c son 272 - any (Gpl сынове'й)(Npl сыновья')
More info: In certain contexts it is declined regularly following the type c schema (Npl сыны').
це'х a 1. workshop; 2. guild, corporation 3035 - any (Npl це'хи)
More info: In the first sence, there is a type c variant (Npl цеха'). According to Nogueira and Turover, it is familiar. According to Словарь трудностей, it is допустимо.
челове'к special man, person 33 - any (Gpl люде'й)(Npl лю'ди)(Ipl людьми')(Ppl лю'дях)(Apl люде'й)(Dpl лю'дям)
More info: In the singular, stress follows scheme a.
о'зеро c lake 1513 - any (Npl озёра)
More info: Is a \"weak c\" type word.
де'рево c 1. tree; 2. wood 435 - any (Gpl дере'вьев)(Npl дере'вья)
More info: It is \"c weak\" type.
ко'лос c ear -1 - any (Gpl коло'сьев)(Npl коло'сья)
More info: It is \"c weak\" type.
цветок' b flower 793 - any (Gpl цвето'в)(Npl цветы')
More info: It seems (Npl цветки') corresponds to a different sense of the word. (Npl цветы') is widely accepted.
вред' b harm, hurt, injury, damage 5681 - any More info: no-plural or Npl вреды'
кипяток' b boiling water 7279 - any (Gsg2 кипятку')
More info: no plural or (Npl кипятки')
клевета' b slander 11809 - any More info: no plural or Npl клеветы'
конопля' b hemp 23464 - any More info: no plural or (Npl конопли')
корма' b stern, poop 7242 - any More info: no plural or (Npl кормы')
лапша' b noodles 14639 - any More info: no plural or (Npl лапши').
ложь' b lie 2975 f any (Dsg лжи')(Isg ло'жью)(Psg лжи')(Gsg лжи')
More info: no plural or (Npl лжи').
лён' b flax -1 - any (Psg2 льну')
More info: no plural or (Npl льны').
любовь' b love 352 - any (Dsg любви')(Isg любо'вью)(Psg любви')(Gsg любви')
More info: no plural or (Npl любви').
мгла' b haze, shadows 6330 - any More info: no plural or (Npl мглы')
миндаль' b almond 29015 m any More info: no plural or (Npl миндали').
рожь' b rye 20173 f any (Dsg ржи')(Isg ро'жью)(Psg ржи')(Gsg ржи')
More info: no plural or (Npl ржи').
свинец' b lead 8774 - any More info: no plural or (Npl свинцы').
скот' b 1. cattle; 2. beast 5610 - any More info: no plural or (Npl скоты').
табак' b tobacco 3403 - any (Gsg2 табаку')
More info: no plural or (Npl табаки').
толщина' d thickness 6380 - any More info: no plural or (Npl толщины).
фураж' b forage, fodder -1 - any More info: no plural or (Npl фуражи').
хрусталь' b crystal; cut-glass ware 12880 m any More info: no plural or (Npl хрустали').